Katalin Árkossy

Árkossy Katalin


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Affiliation with educational networks
Advisor at the Pedagogical Institute for Minority Education and Content and Language Integrated Learning in German.
Advisor at the national publishing house of Content and Language Integrated Learning in German
Advisor at the Ministry of Education, Department of Minority Issues
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Senior lecturer / language didactics (German as a foreign language)

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Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest

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Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
* ELTE - University of Budapest, Studies in German language, Hungarian language and literature
* Head of Continuing Education at University of Budapest
* Design, orginasation and conduction of study modules for "mentors"
* Member of the competition board for grammar schools at the pedagogical institute
* Design and development of the curriculum for content and language integrated learning in German (bilingual education) at the University of Budapest
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German, English, Russian
Contribution to the project
Initiator of the first university study programme (Zusatzstudium) on CLILiG in Europe (University of Budapest), head and coordinator of practical study phases
on CLILiG (Studienbegleitendes Praktikum), head of studies at German department at the University of Budapest (ELTE), advisor to the Hungarian Ministry of Education on CLILiG issues.
On the basis of her pioneer work in the field of CLILiG teacher education development, Dr Katalin Árkossy will be providing top expertise for the development of the new teacher training programme, and will be primarily in charge of the practical realisation of study modules and training periods / implementation at school level (special focus area: Hungary and neighbouring countries), as well as the coordination of the respective cooperation with external expert networks and cooperation bodies. She will have an essential role to play in designing the structure of the study modules and the development of tailor-made contents to be implemented transnationally.


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