Coordinator: Kim Haataja

Surname                                                Haataja

First name                                              Kim

Address for correspondence                      E-mail

Nationality                                               Finnish
Affiliation with educational networks/associations
* CLIL-Network (National Network of Content and Language Integrated Learning and Language Immersion in Finnland, (Iniator / Head)
* Association for CLIL and Immersion Education in Finnland (SUVIKYKY) (Expert member)
* Advisory Board for German medium instruction (Central Agency of German Schools Abroad, Cologne, Germany) (International expert member)
* Virtual Network of Teachers of German as a foreign language in Northern Europe (Dafnord) (Board member)
* International Network of National Centres for Foreign Languages in Education (expert member)
* Network of CertiLingua, the European Excellence Label for Plurilingual, European and International Competences (Representative of Finland)
 Work information

Occupation or position currently held

Head of Foreign Languages and Bilingual Education
Main activities and responsibilities
* Management of the team "Foreign languages and bilingual education" at OPEKO.
* Initiation and conduction of applied research and development measures on foreign languages and CLIL education, active participation in language education policy issues on national and international level
* Design and execution of continuing education programmes for foreign language teachers and teachers teaching non-lingustic subjects in the medium of a foreign language / bilingually (CLIL)
* National and international consultancy services on various issues related to foreign language learning and teaching and , in particular, to use of languages other than the first language of the learners in educational contexts (cf. CLIL-approach)
* Development of innovative, espeacially computer-based tools and instruments for implemetation in foreign language learning and teaching, as well as in assessment procedures in educational contexts 

Name of employer

National Centre for Professional Development in Education (under the authority of Finnish National Board of Education)

Country of employment

Education and training
Relevant qualifications or training
Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) (University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2004) in foreign language acquisition / teaching, specialization in German as a foreign language / German as a medium of instruction, acquisition of oral language skills and language tests and assessment
Other relevant qualifications:
German lecturer at the University of Tampere (Language Centre) from 2000 - 2002
Since 2002 Participation in numerous in-service training activities, courses and conferences on CLIL education, foreign language learning / teaching, and language (education) policy issues e.g. in Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, UK, Luxemburg, Hungary, Spain and Romania.
Languages of communication
Mother tongue

Other languages  of communication 

German,English, Swedish, Norwegian 
Project experience
1) Title: CLILiG: Content and Language Integrated Learning in German: State of the art and development potential in Europe 2005-2007 (European Commission, Action 6.1.2. (Observation, Analysis, Innovation)
Sponsor: European Commission (Programme SOCRATES, Action 6.1.2.)
More information on publications and results:;
2) Title: BeCLIL: Benchmarking Content and Language Integrated Learning (2004-2007)
Sponsor: European Commission (Programme SOCRATES, Comenius 2.1.)
More information
3) CLIL-Matrix (NB! Participation as an external advisor of the project team)
Sponsor: European Centre for Modern Languages, Graz
More information on publications and results:
Expertise in the topic of the project
Practice in the field





Other relevant experience



* Conduction of a pan-European study (survey and analysis) on Content and Language Integrated Learning in German (incl. 11 countries) in terms of the CLILiG-project (2005-2007)
* Design and execution of numerous workshops and training sessions for teachers of German as a foreign language and German medium CLIL in Finland and abroad
* Initiation and Development of a national webportal for CLIL and Immersion education in Finland (CLIL-NETWORK, FINLAND)
* Expert member in a European project on collecting and benchmarking good practices in CLIL-education ( 
* Ph.D. degree in foreign language acquisition and CLIL-education, active participation (lectures, posters, workshops) in international conferences and numerous in-service training courses in the field all over Europe.
* Integriert, intensiviert oder nach altbewährten Rezepten? Auswirkungen der Lernumgebung und Unterrichtsmethodik auf den Lernerfolg beim schulischen Fremdsprachenerwerb. Academic dissertation. Marburg, Tectum, 2004 (in German).
* Die Variablen Lernumgebung und Unterrichtsmethodik beim schulischen Fremdsprachenerwerb und dessen Erforschung - Das Beispiel DaF in Finnland (in German) In: Aktuelles für den Deutschunterricht in Finnland, 2004, 27-40 (in German).
* Warum CLILiG? Ein Blick in die Hintergründe einer europäischen Erhebung zum integrierten Sprach- und Fachlernen auf Deutsch. In: Deutsche Lehrer im Ausland, VDLiA-Zeitschrift. Jg. 54, 1/2007, 18-37 (in German).
* Definition of CLIL as an umbrella term - a historical perspective. In: Roza, B. ( Good Practice in Content and Language Integrated Learning, 2007. 
* Content and Language Integrated Learning in Finland - A Country Profile. In: Windows on CLIL - Insights and Perspectives on CLIL and Bilingual Education in Europe. Together with Marsh, D. and Järvinen, H.-M., 2007. 


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