As a part of the project, the CLIL-LOTE-START team will investigate and assure the sustainability and future implementation of the envisaged training programme through participating institutions, their networks and other expert organisations. Special contributions to the sustainability of the programme are to be gained in the field of German medium CLIL e.g. through cooperation with the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad, Cologne, Germany, the Central Office of Goethe Institute, Munich, Germany, as well as University Networks of CLIL(iG) across Europe, the European CLIL Research Network (CLILReN), Cooperational Networks in the field of in-service teacher education, and the International Network of National Centres for Foreign Languages in Education (INNCeFLE), a new initiative, which is currently being prepared by a group of experts on behalf of national centres for foreign languages in education and corresponding institutions (Norway (chair), Austria, Finland, UK, France, Hungary) for diversification, support and quality assurance of European language education. Towards the end of the lifespan of the project, a concrete sustainability plan will be developed together with the design of the dissemination measures and the project evaluation phase. Similar fora will be used and included also with respect to the project working on French medium CLIL.  

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