Expected Results

Project results will include (1) A Manual for a European CLIL-teacher training programme (German) for both pre- and in-service purposes. A teacher training package will be produced and made available as a DVD or as a book and an additional DVD, including theoretical insights into relevant themes such as questions of (foreign) language acquisition, (foreign) language teaching and CLIL-approach, as well as examples of CLIL "in action" in (a) language focused lessons (e.g. German as a foreign language) and (b) in a selection of lessons in so called non-linguistic subjects. Furthermore, a collection of teaching and learning materials will be made available through the programme. In all, CLIL-LOTE-START  will provide training possibility for both pre- and in-service levels of teacher education and allow the participation of other interested experts and bodies (such as researchers, lecturers, students, and representatives from various fields of working life) using German for professional purposes, as well.    

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