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CLIL-LOTE workshop, 9-11 June 2010


Some 30 nations, around 30 participants, over 30 C degrees and this for over three days - these are some of the key data and organisational characteristics of the central workshop of the project CLIL-LOTE, organized at the ECML from June 9th to 12th 2010. Also substantially, this workshop was with no doubt one of the hottest ECML-events of the year: Two aspects and development areas of outmost importance for the European language education policies of today were discussed, analyzed and worked on throughout the different working phases of the workshop: (1) (further) development of the educational approach of content and language integrated learning incl. aspects of teacher training and practical - especially initial - implementation, and (2) explicit support measures for (foreign and working) languages other than English. The working group of the CLIL-LOTE-START-strain focused on design and development of an information portal for initial planning and implementation of CLIL- education with a special reference to German as a working language, whereas the participants of the CLIL-LOTE-GO- group were invited to work on the revision and modification of the handbook drafted by the team members for the context of teacher education, and this especially in French as the medium of instruction. At the end of the workshop, in the final pleanary "wrap-up", the results and the outcome from both working groups were presented and discussed - leading both teams to the conclusion that the complementary set-up of the two CLIL-LOTE-"sub-projects" has really reached some true synergy effects. A great experience!


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Expertentreffen, 22.-23. März 2010

Expertmeeting 2010












Developments / Autumn 2009


A meeting of the project coordinators of the current medium-term programme of the ECML has taken place in Graz from November 24th to 25th. During the meeting, presentations on the current state and developments of the projects were given, plans for future working phases discussed both in working groups, in plenary phases and with the programme consultants. In addition, the current development programme of the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe on Language(s) of School Education was presented by Ms Johanna Panthier from the CoE and then reflected upon amongst the project coordinators with respect to synergy building between the ECML and the CoE, as well as to the structure and profile of the future development work of the ECML.


The CLIL-LOTE-START-team, represented by Kim Haataja, has participated in the central workshop of the EPLC-project ( at the ECML from November 5th to 7th. Apart from working on the core contents of the project, cooperation potential and synergy building between the projects of the Content and Language Integration - strand were discussed on the background of the recent developments. Two weeks earlier, Rolf Kruczinna represented the CLIL-LOTE-START-team at the workshop event of the CLIL-CD-project ( 


The CLIL-LOTE-START-team convened for its 3rd expert meeting at the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz from June 2nd to 3rd 2009. The overall workplan of the project was reviewed and the state of progress in the member countries presented and discussed. On this background, concrete steps were taken in planning and preparation of the project products. This included a lot of technical work, selection and analysis of video material produced, as well as other materials prepared and published in the meantime on the key issue of the project. In the next months the project team will continue its work on the project products and engage in planning of the central workshop of the project to take place at the ECML in 2010.

During the third expert meeting of the CLIL-LOTE-START-team some new relevant publications and their value for the project were discussed, as well. One of these is the first issue ever dedicated to CLIL through German in "Fremdsprache Deutsch", one of the most well-known journals for German as a foreign language at school. For details (in German), please see:

For the introductory article, please click on the icon below:


What is more, both the profile of the CLIL-LOTE-START-project and that of the whole section of content and language education in the current development programme of the ECML will be presented in a plenary presentation on CLIL through German at the International Congress of Teachers of German - die Internationale Deutschlehrertagung - taking place in Jena and Weimar from August 3rd to 8th 2009. As today, over 2500 participants have registered for the congress. For more information, please see:  


Developments 2008

CLIL-LOTE-START project is taking concrete shape and redirecting its goal setting to go beyond teacher education and to address all bodies, instances and individuals, to whom it is relevant to know more about the practical realisation of CLIL education under the motto of plurilingual education.

Expert meeting, November 2008

clil lote start group photoCLIL-LOTE-START - NEWS!!!

The 2nd expert meeting of the team CLIL-LOTE-START (Content and Language Integrated Learning through Languages Other Than English - Getting started!) took place at the ECML from November 10th to 11th 2008. At the same time, the team of CLIL-LOTE-GO joined for their second project meeting, as well. As at the first meeting in March 2008, the two teams worked als this time partially together and partially in separate project specific  working groups.

As the first step of the meeting, the revised and updated versions of the project plans and profiles were discussed in plenary sessions. After this, the workplans were updated, concretised and precised in project specific sessions, and then introduced and discussed in another plenary working phase. As planned already at the first expert meeting, the team of CLIL-LOTE-START will be focussing on the initial organisation, piloting and realisation of CLIL education with a special reference to German as a CLIL-language, whereas the focus of the CLIL-LOTE-GO team can be found in supporting already established CLIL -practices with special reference to CLIL education through French or in French speaking countries and regions. What is more, the project product foreseen in the team of CLIL-LOTE-START will consist of a manual and a web-based working and communication platform with guidance and practical examples (incl. video clips) for CLIL in practice, whereas the team of CLIL-LOTE-GO will be providing a handbook with theoretical insights into a significant number of context-relevant issues.   MORE NEWS  SOON - STAY TUNED!!!


Clillotestart and go group photoMembers of the project team CLIL-LOTE-START (Content and Language Integrated Learning through Languages Other Than English) joined the first expert meeting of the project at the ECML in Graz from March 11th to 12th 2008. At the same time, and partially in combination with the CLIL-LOTE-START-meeting, the first expert meeting of the parallel project CLIL-LOTE-ADVANCED took place at the ECML, as well. In the course of the meetings, the project plans were revised once more and subsequently concretised with respect to the realisation of both measures: As one of their central goals, the projects will be contributing to fostering of multilingual education at school by using the CLIL-approach. In this context, there will be a special contribution made to German medium CLIL in the CLIL-LOTE-START-project, whereas the CLIL-LOTE-ADVANCED-project will be focussing on CLIL through French. Similarly and in accord with the definitions of the projects, questions related to initial organisation of CLIL type instruction will be in the centre of the CLIL-LOTE-START-project, whereas the CLIL-LOTE-ADVANCED-project will be devoting its main interest to the challenges and special needs in further development of already established CLIL-contexts.

 The next meeting of the CLIL-LOTE-teams will take place at the ECML from November 11th to 12th 2008.   


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