International cooperation with different institutions and organisations forms an e s s e n t i a l part of the CLIL-LOTE-START project measure. Apart from close cooperation between university bodies and institutions of in-service education, special attention will be paid to implementation and practice of CLIL at school level. The constant exchange with the school level and the possibility to develop the CLIL training modules in cooperation with school practice provides a special added value to the project. Thus, the project group is concerned to develop a close relationship to school level in all countries involved in the development measure. For this purpose, and, as concerns for example the development of German medium CLIL, to enable at least an indirect cooperation with German medium CLIL also outside Europe, cooperation with the global network of schools providing German medium CLIL education (through the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad) plays a vital in the project. The extensive school cooperation will be supported also through the global network of Goethe Institutes. In addition, expert networks will be established between universities and in-service teacher education centres for the specific purpose under study to assure a constructive exchange of ideas and experiences as a basis for an optimised pan-European development. Similar developments can be foreseen for French medium CLIL, as well, leaning onto the experiences made in the field of CLIL in general.

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