Aim and specific objectives

The overall aim of the project is to develop a teacher training programme (module) for Content and Language Integrated Learning, with special focus on languages other than English (here: German). The programme will be designed to include both distance and presence studies, to take concrete advantage of the innovations of up-to-date information and communication technologies (ICT) for purposes of evaluation and quality assurance and to utilise, wherever applicable, the common guidelines and instruments of European language education (cf. Common European Framework of Reference and European Language Portfolio).
Specific objectives
  1. Design and conduction of a state of the art study of existing and planned teacher education structures on CLIL education in Europe with focus on German medium CLIL and a clear reference to cross-linguistic settings.
  1. Preparation and development of modules for a European teacher training programme for German medium CLIL on pre- ( and in-)service level, incl. a possibility for non-teacher experts (e.g.researchers, lecturers) in the field for partial participation in the training measures.
  1. Conduction of a pilotphase of the teacher training programme in amongst selected target groups across Europe
  1. Preparation and conduction of evaluation and dissemination with a thorough analyses of the project outcome and its quality, the potential of adaptation, transferability and activities on further development of transnational CLIL teacher education with special focus on languages other than English, here: German.


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