This project will work in complementarity with the CLIL-LOTE-GO project focussing on the development of a
teacher training kit for languages other than English, here for German.
Conclusions of the first Europe-wide survey on Content and Language Integrated Learning in German (cf. CLILiG-project, 2005-2007) reveal an urgent need for the development of a systematic teacher training programme for German medium CLIL education. Although discussions on the potential of CLIL as an educational approach have, for obvious reasons, focussed sofar mostly on English medium CLIL, significant results have been achieved also in CLIL through Languages other than English (LOTE). For example, innovative developments on CLIL through German and French have taken place in the field of teacher education. These initiatives have, however, been sofar restricted to national contexts or small scale pilot studies, whereas a transnational development work has, as yet, not been possible.
In CLIL-LOTE-START  project existing models and practices of German medium CLIL teacher training will be collected and analysed. Subsequently, a European teacher training module will be created and introduced. As a parallel project measure, CLIL-LOTE-GO will be dealing with the same questions with respect to French medium CLIL education. CLIL-LOTE-START  will be serving mainly teacher education on both pre- and in-service levels, but will, in addition, open a possibility for dialogue and exchange for and between other target groups using German for professional purposes, as well. In this respect, the project represents a comprehensive support measure to pluri- and multilingualism in different contexts of European education and working life.



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